Friday, October 25, 2013

Introducing Hello, Gorgeous!

I've definitely got a love affair going on with the traditional melon shapes. I don't know if it's the rebel quilter in me, or my need to expand outside of the current trend of 2 and a half inch strips, but it seems that most of the quilts I'm playing with use this motif in one way or another.

Case in point - meet TPP002 - named Hello, Gorgeous!

I posed a picture on a quilting group I
belong to, and asked for naming suggestions so that I could complete the pattern instructions.  I was lucky enough to receive some really interesting choices - and Hello, Gorgeous! just seemed to fit the piece. Or my mood when it came to picking one -

While both Lake Shore Magic and HG! use the melon shape in their construction, and both are made with fusible applique, there are some distinct differences, between the two.   One is made using 'old school' techniques, and the other used  brand new technology.

Lake Shore Magic was originally made and drafted using template plastic and a marking pencil to cut the melons out.  Hello, Gorgeous uses a similar shape, but in this case I used one of Sue Pelland's Leaves Galore templates, the petite size.

 By drawing a circle in the center of the square, you 'artistically' place your leaves in a circle to form the base, then add free standing flowers on top of the wreath.

I love working with Leaves Galore templates, and this shape spoke organically to me. My batik collection just wanted to play with the templates.

Hello, Gorgeous is available for sale at local quilt shops in New Hampshire, and this will also be available for sale on my website shortly.

I'd love feedback - I think this would work well as a seasonal (Christmas, Hanukkah) wall hanging.  What do you think?