Friday, March 16, 2012

Welcome to the Kickin Stash Guest Blog - Friday, Mar 16th, 2012

I'm very happy to be this morning's contributor to EvaPaige Quilt Design's week of guest bloggers.  For those of you who are joining me today, Happy Quilting Day in advance!  Celebrate quilter style by going over to Patternspot and downloading  her new pattern, Kickin Stash.  It's one of the easiest - and most scrap efficient -  patterns I've ever worked on. 

 I'm proud to see that one of my blocks made the cover photo as well. My blue block is bottom row center.
I've known Beth a long time, and I've pattern tested several of her patterns along the way, beginning with Feeling Hot, Hot Pink.  She's stuck with me over time, and continues to invite me to participate. It took me a while to get comfortable with her style of quilting, but it's exactly as she is - fresh, comfortable, easy to work with. My quilting style has evolved over the years, partly as a result of working with her. 

In putting together this post, I  found my 'feedback email' to her for this pattern.  My words to her  - "Easiest block you've ever designed (almost) from my POV..."  (Insert LOL here; our conversations usually have that somewhere in them).

Don't let the "almost" alarm you - it's a running joke between us  that I'm the #1 fan of her Confetti Toss pattern.  But I do so love this one as well!    As has been pointed out before this week,  this is one of the easiest patterns that you can work with for a baby quilt, a child's quilt, or a charity quilt.  It's made for the scrap basket. 

I've often had the daydream of getting far enough ahead with my pending projects that someday I'd love to bank a pink and a blue baby quilt for the closet so that I can just pull  one out when needed.  I think this one will give me the perfect excuse.

I can't wait for the next group project.  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And I'm back...and the mystery solved

Well, I'm back and in one piece, having survived the second of two retreats. Well, I actually more than survived...I had a lot of fun, and got a lot of work done in the process. We were treated like Princesses for breakfast every morning - Does it get better than that?

This retreat had a completely different feel than the last one did - this was far more relaxing and enjoyable for me - even when you consider that I was 'teaching' at this one.  All of the ladies who came on the retreat are experienced quilters, so I'm not sure how much 'teaching' was needed, but I did manage to pull a few surprises out.  We made fabric bowls out of spare fabric and thread snippets as souvenirs. We even managed to leave one behind with our wonderful Innkeeper as a thank you gift.

Last week's blog had a 'blind item' in it - that sounds so much better than an Oopsie.  I mentioned Guest Blogger in it.  Many of you know I am a longtime friend of Beth Helfter (EvaPaige Quilt Designs) - and that I participated in her Drop and Give Me Twenty Challenge. Love it -  I was so much more productive last month. Beth has asked several of us to blog about our experiences working on her Kickin Stash project...that's the newest button on the right of this blog. I am very proud to do it - and cross the latest frontier in blogging on Friday, March 16th. 

In the meantime, I'd invite you to check out the other bloggers for the week...

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I know I've gotten to know them better.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Well, here I go again...

I'm all packed (quilt stuff, anyway!) and ready to go for my second weekend in a row, to my Red and White Retreat. I've learned that quilters pack waay more stuff than the UnTangled crowd does,  and as much fun as I had last weekend, this feels like coming home in a way. This retreat is very important to me, in ways that will become more obvious in the coming weeks and months. Is that enough of a tease?
I also have a trivia question - and there's a prize in it for you if you get it right?   What was wrong with last night's blog post? We'll revisit this next week.

Sometimes you have to make some interesting design decisions when what's in your head doesn't make it in real life. That's how this...

grew up to become this...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Retreats, Challenges, and Guest Bloggers...oh, my!

It's been a hectic couple of weeks, but I wanted to sneak in a quick blog post here before I'm off again. WOOSH seems to be the sound I hear most of.

This past weekend I was in Ogunquit with the UnTangled retreat with my friend, Sandy Steen Bartholomew. We had over 35 people at the retreat, and for a pilot went well. We met a lot of really amazing artists, and I learned another language...Zentangles have their own language it seems.  The pic above is one I did towards the end of day 2. I worked mostly on blank copy paper - although Sandy was very generous in what she put in the supply kit...I was distracted with all the Left Brain details, and I didn't want to waste what I had in the bag. I'm practicing now. 

The Tanglers were happy that Sandy's new book, Fashionista arrived straight from the printer, so they got to enjoy it before almost anyone else could.

No sooner had I come back from that then I began to put the final touches on my second March 2012 retreat, the Red and White retreat.  If UnTangled was a large logistical undertaking - and it was! - this one has more the feeling of a girls weekend (with a quilt shop in the back yard). At this retreat, we'l l be working on my first quilt pattern - Lake Shore Magic - done after we got back from The Red and White Quilt Retreat.  We'll have more pics of that coming shortly. The funny thing is, most of the quilters are working the quilt in colors other than Red and White. It's a good thing that the pattern works up nicely in many colors.

Finally, who out there is a fan of the show Downton Abbey?  I know I became hooked on it beginning in season 2.  I've launched my first Online Challenge based on the show, which will be part of a fundraiser for Public Television.  Look for this icon to spot people who are working along in it - The Official name of the Challenge is "What Happens in the Abbey", and it has its' own Facebook page.