Friday, March 15, 2013

I celebrated National Quilting Day - by buying new underwear!

I had a chance to do a road trip this week with my friend Kate - it was our chance to explore unexplored quilt shops before the bus returned at 3. At the first shop, I was 'fondling' a basket of white on whites (who hasn't), and she gave me a look...I mumbled "underwear" and walked away.
She caught up with me outside and asked me what was up with the underwear comment.  I laughed and explained what I meant.  Back in the day, when I was a little girl, underwear was white, white or white. The sixties, you know.  My 'underwear drawer' was the top drawer of the dresser, and it looked something like this.
Fast forward a couple of decades, and I originally kept my fabric (when I outgrew the bins under the bed) in an old dresser, sorted by color. Without realizing it, the whites/creams/neutrals wound up in the top drawer, and at some point, I realized it was because of the underwear drawer syndrome. It's still there, but in a different dresser.
Kate just looked at me, and understanding dawned. So then she asked me if I had bought any 'underwear'.  I said yes, but not everyday underwear - I bought the fancy stuff. I got another look.  Stay with me...
The store was having a sale on all cotton if you wore green to shop, including the batiks.  So I looked at this as a chance to stock up (since I know I'm running a little low on it) in the fancy undies department - the kind you might buy at Victoria's Secret.

Wishing you all a great National Quilting that you know one way I've celebrated, how are you celebrating?

More on the results of the giveaway next week - as well as April's block of the month.

Talk soon


Thursday, March 14, 2013

And the winner is...

Hello!  Thank you all so much for the thoughtful responses (98 by the current count) to my question "What makes a quilt retreat special for you?".
It's been fun seeing them come in, and reading them. I heard from readers as close as New Hampshire (it's so nice to meet a new neighbor!) and as far away as Australia.  This is something I'll be doing again, and thanks to Quilting Gallery for inviting me.

I didn't pick Sue Pelland's book randomly - I've had the privilege of knowing Sue for a few years, and I'm very excited about her new book.  I love the detail and the work that she's put into this book, and it's going to give us more milage out of our sets.  She put a note on one of the posts asking for information as to where you bought her if you have them, if you can drop me (or Sue directly at a note as to where you picked them up, we'd both appreciate it.

The winner of the giveaway is SueAnnW (you should have an email from me) - her comment was that she tends to pack her whole sewing room. I always knew I had a doppleganger out there...I do too!.

There's a lot of information to digest in the various responses, and I'll have plenty of time to sift through that next week.  So hopefully, many of you who have come by once will come by again - and see what the consensus is.

Blogger is not cooperating with the rest of the stay tuned tomorrow to find out what your underwear drawer has to do with Fabric shopping. How else would one celebrate National Quilting Day?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Welcome, Quilter's Blog Hop Party!

Good morning,

I'm shaking things up a lot this year over at The Patchwork Pearl, and decided to join The Quilting Gallery's Blog Hop Party as one way of doing so!  I'm hoping to welcome new readers here - and on my Facebook page - to come along on the quilting adventure with me.

 My blog giveaway is a copy of Sue Pelland Designs new book on Rotary Cut Applique with the Leaves Galore Templates

Sue is a tremedously talented quilter, and I'm very excited about this newest book. I've played around with the templates a lot over the last couple of years, and so I've been waiting to see what she would come up with next.  I'll be keeping you posted on the progress...and yes, I will ship internationally if you win.

The Patchwork Pearl is online only - I don't have a shop, although I'm based here in beautiful (snowy) southern New Hampshire.  I help quilters connect with one another through retreats, trips and classes. I'm also working on a group of patterns designed around memories - whether they be weddings, birthdays, family reunioins or a event...I have some neat twists in the mix.
My pattern line is evolving slowly...but it is coming.

To enter the giveaway for the book, please leave a note telling me what makes a quilt retreat special for you. I have some ideas in the works - and some wonderful locations in mind.