Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reincarnation....kind of...


This is the first new blogpost using blogger; this seems to be a LOT more user friendly, which means it's going to be easier for me to post more often.  Everything else in The Patchwork Pearl seems to be going through a change, it's only natural to add this to the list. 

As a tease, I thought some of you might enjoy seeing how I spent an absolutely gorgeous Friday afternoon last week...checking out new locations for several new happenings for 2012.  Next year is going to be very busy.

So for now, just feast your eyes on this picture - and think of a wonderful weekend away from it all...just you and your creative energies.

This Friday, I have another kind of amazing day planned, one which promises to have a lot of amazing women there to meet, greet and energize with.  See you soon!


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