Thursday, December 1, 2011

One Quilting Circle, December 1, 2011

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If you're a shopowner who's been swimming in the tide of rising prices for cotton for the past several quarters, there may well be a change coming...finally.  According to a Bloomberg report this morning, there have been a dramatic increase in production of the crop - coming from sources outside the United States at the same time that demand has been decreasing.  The cost comparisons from 2010 are staggering - the raw commodity prices are on pace to decline over 35% this year alone.

So that's the good news...after having weathered the economic downturn as well as inventory costs skyrocketing, in 2012 we can hope to see a reduction in the cost of a yard of fabric.  If that holds true, shopowners and designers are now faced with re-training their frugal customers to come into the shops and buy new product as they work through their existing higher priced inventory.

2012 looks to be as challenging - in a different direction - as the past couple of years.  But change is good...keep repeating that.

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  1. Hi Linda! Good luck with your new blog site! I have just discovered it, thanks to an e-mail you sent, and want to thank you! This info is wonderful! I hadn't heard about the price of cotton on the down-slide...Such good news. Thanks for your informative blog, and good luck!