Monday, May 20, 2013

This is the best news since Matthew and Mary hooked up!

I noticed on Friday that the wall for The Patchwork Pearl on Facebook got active - really active, especially for a Friday. Well, apparently there was a tiny little announcement at Spring Quilt Market that got a lot of people's attention. No, I didn't know anything about the news until I saw it and started digging, but the industry has formally matched up Downton Abbey and quilters.

Major kudos to Andover Fabrics for their winter 2013 introduction of the Downton Abbey line.

Oh, I can hear Mrs. Patimore's giggles from here - although, from what I read - it'll be the upstairs ladies who are the inspiration for this first set of colorways.  

 Now, remember that this is coming from the quilter who has been working on the Downton Abbey Challenge I and II.  I have noticed for a while the crossover between the demographics of quilters and the series - and now, we can have both.  

The first of the series of fabrics (oh, does it get better) comes to us in the fall, and I know that EQuilter has already gone online to say they'll have it.  

So my question to you tonight is...are you a Dowager (violet, what else?), Mary (maroon), Sybill (peach) or Edith (peach)... to bed thinking of the possibilities. 

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  1. Oh My! One more line of fabric for the "must have" list!