Friday, April 13, 2012

Thoughts from the past...

It's been a busy week this past week - I can't believe I haven't posted yet.  Now that I've made it through most of Friday the 13th, I should give you an update on some of what's happening.  The newsletter will be out next week with more information about upcoming events - and a pretty major announcement. 

The week started off with a bang when a story I wrote a while ago - about my son's wedding quilt - was picked up by Here's the link to the story.  I was very surprised to see that happen, but a few comments on it will help it a lot - so please share the love and add to the coments.

I've been asked for a recap about the Downton Challenge - we're already seeing some amazing things happen with it, so I am very excited to see where it al will lead. 

Downton provides a wealth of ideas for you to use as the jumping off point. Your quilt  can be based on the storyline, a character or characters,  history  or an element within the story's your choice.  The only rule is that you have to be able to relate it to the storyline, and it should be no more than 24" on a side. 

The only rule is that you have to be able to relate it to the storyline, and it should be no more than 24" on a side.  The Challenge will close on September 30*.  At that time, we'll be awarding prizes based on a raffle system - send us a picture of your quilt, tell us the story,  and you'll be entered to win a prize.   

I originally conceived of this as a fund- raiser for Public Television, who brings Masterpiece to us here in the US, I contacted the NHPTV stations, and the timing of this coincides with their online winter auction - which leads (conveniently) into the publicity run - up to Season 3.   Funds generated from the donation to NHPTV would be channeled to local programming.  I am also in discussions with WGBH in Boston, and will keep you posted. If you elect to participate to the fundraiser,  the quilt will have to be physically mailed to me no later than October 7th.

You do not have to donate your piece to the fundraiser to participate - it could remain a fun keepsake for you to work on - and relive the fun while we all wait for Season 3.

The current home of the Downton Challenge is an event on Facebook under the name "What Happens at the Abbey".  The date shows up as ending June 30, but that's a limitation of facebook.  Alas, not all quilters belong to Facebook.

On May 15th, there'll be a new home on the web for this - and many more quilt challenges.  Watch for the press release coming soon.  If you have any questions, please email me at

Have a great weekend  -  I'm going quilting on Saturday and Red Sox on Sunday.

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