Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The calendar in the quilting world has it's own steady rhythm, and today's mail brought with it confirmation that summer is in fact, here.  One of my favorite summer morning activities is to pour over  the A Quilter's Gathering brochure, trying to decide which (or how many classes) I want to take.  And with the brochure in hand, the online registration is sure to open shortly. 

This year, we're excited to be moving to the new venue, Radisson Hotel Manchester Downtown to explore all that city has to offer.

This year's teachers lineup looks fantastic...time to head to the porch for a cold beverage to read the brochure and make my notes...

Oh, wait a minute - there's that other shoe dropping now:

Wait...wait...wait...I don't think so...

Sad, but true...this is most likely a Gathering shoe for me now...Dropping.

Contest deadline to submit an entry is Sept 15th...I best get off the porch and finish something!

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