Monday, August 6, 2012

25 Years of Gathering Magic Challenge

This past week, I was pleased to be part of the launch of a new quilt challenge, with some old friends as well as some new ones. A Quilters Gathering, which has been a mainstay of the quilting world in New England for many years, will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2013, and several of us have been brainstorming ways in which to celebrate this milestone with them.

One of the ideas that has been adopted is the first Challenge that has been held, the 25 years of Gathering Magic Challenge.  The link to the challenge page on their website is here. You can also follow the challenge on Facebook by searching for 25 Years of Gathering Magic, we've set up a community update page here.

We have several wonderful - and unique components to this challenge - which are laid out in the challenge statement: "...This challenge is designed for you to make a quilt that shows and tells us about one of your magical moments at A Quilters Gathering..."

In order to play with the challenge, we are very happy that one of our oldest and dearest vendors, Marianne Elizabeth of RJR fabrics, has been chosen as the challenge fabric - her brand new line, Arabella Rose is perfect for this theme. We've put together 3 unique colorways to play with -

Kate's Roses

Marie's Medley

Sarah's Thyme

We designed the challenge so that you can have plenty of lead time to create something magical - the quilts are due at the 2013 event next year.  We'll have the packets available for sale in November, or you can pre-order the challenge packets (6 FQ's for $25.00) through A Quilter's Gathering.

Let us know what you think by emailing me at or joining the community at 25 Years of Gathering Magic on Facebook.
There's a lot more coming...stay tuned!


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