Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And I'm back...and the mystery solved

Well, I'm back and in one piece, having survived the second of two retreats. Well, I actually more than survived...I had a lot of fun, and got a lot of work done in the process. We were treated like Princesses for breakfast every morning - Does it get better than that?

This retreat had a completely different feel than the last one did - this was far more relaxing and enjoyable for me - even when you consider that I was 'teaching' at this one.  All of the ladies who came on the retreat are experienced quilters, so I'm not sure how much 'teaching' was needed, but I did manage to pull a few surprises out.  We made fabric bowls out of spare fabric and thread snippets as souvenirs. We even managed to leave one behind with our wonderful Innkeeper as a thank you gift.

Last week's blog had a 'blind item' in it - that sounds so much better than an Oopsie.  I mentioned Guest Blogger in it.  Many of you know I am a longtime friend of Beth Helfter (EvaPaige Quilt Designs) - and that I participated in her Drop and Give Me Twenty Challenge. Love it -  I was so much more productive last month. Beth has asked several of us to blog about our experiences working on her Kickin Stash project...that's the newest button on the right of this blog. I am very proud to do it - and cross the latest frontier in blogging on Friday, March 16th. 

In the meantime, I'd invite you to check out the other bloggers for the week...

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I know I've gotten to know them better.


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  1. Portmeirion china - how posh ! Congratulations on a successful retreat and best wishes for continued achievements...