Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Retreats, Challenges, and Guest Bloggers...oh, my!

It's been a hectic couple of weeks, but I wanted to sneak in a quick blog post here before I'm off again. WOOSH seems to be the sound I hear most of.

This past weekend I was in Ogunquit with the UnTangled retreat with my friend, Sandy Steen Bartholomew. We had over 35 people at the retreat, and for a pilot went well. We met a lot of really amazing artists, and I learned another language...Zentangles have their own language it seems.  The pic above is one I did towards the end of day 2. I worked mostly on blank copy paper - although Sandy was very generous in what she put in the supply kit...I was distracted with all the Left Brain details, and I didn't want to waste what I had in the bag. I'm practicing now. 

The Tanglers were happy that Sandy's new book, Fashionista arrived straight from the printer, so they got to enjoy it before almost anyone else could.

No sooner had I come back from that then I began to put the final touches on my second March 2012 retreat, the Red and White retreat.  If UnTangled was a large logistical undertaking - and it was! - this one has more the feeling of a girls weekend (with a quilt shop in the back yard). At this retreat, we'l l be working on my first quilt pattern - Lake Shore Magic - done after we got back from The Red and White Quilt Retreat.  We'll have more pics of that coming shortly. The funny thing is, most of the quilters are working the quilt in colors other than Red and White. It's a good thing that the pattern works up nicely in many colors.

Finally, who out there is a fan of the show Downton Abbey?  I know I became hooked on it beginning in season 2.  I've launched my first Online Challenge based on the show, which will be part of a fundraiser for Public Television.  Look for this icon to spot people who are working along in it - The Official name of the Challenge is "What Happens in the Abbey", and it has its' own Facebook page.

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