Thursday, March 8, 2012

Well, here I go again...

I'm all packed (quilt stuff, anyway!) and ready to go for my second weekend in a row, to my Red and White Retreat. I've learned that quilters pack waay more stuff than the UnTangled crowd does,  and as much fun as I had last weekend, this feels like coming home in a way. This retreat is very important to me, in ways that will become more obvious in the coming weeks and months. Is that enough of a tease?
I also have a trivia question - and there's a prize in it for you if you get it right?   What was wrong with last night's blog post? We'll revisit this next week.

Sometimes you have to make some interesting design decisions when what's in your head doesn't make it in real life. That's how this...

grew up to become this...


  1. What was wrong with the post? You said something about the Red and White Retreat....when actually it was the Red and White Bus Trip. This weekend is the retreat. What do I win?

  2. 3:23 AM EST...seriously? I hope that your computer clock needs to be adjusted, and you're really sleeping at that hou of the morning. LOL. Actually, that's error #2 - and thank you for pointing that out. You'll have a surprise waiting for you at the next guild meeting.

    But that's not the only one.

  3. My entry for What was didn't elaborate on Guest Bloggers. Maybe? Only noticed because I'd be happy to do a guest blog for you, but I found no info!

  4. Actually, I was going to highlight how terribly excited I am to be participating in this week's guess blogging. I must remember not to post after about 9 PM. I'd be delighted to have you guest post soon...we'll talk. And there will also be something for you at the next guild meeting - just to keep honest.