Monday, October 29, 2012

I fell in love....the story behind the Downton Abbey Challenge

...with a TV show this past year, Downton Abbey. I don't know whether it was because of the storyline, the costumes, my long denied love of soap operas, or because I love Maggie Smith.

I first became aware of the show at an open sew for my quilt's rare these days that you hear such enthusiasm for a show as I heard, so I looked it up and watched an at first view.

Because I heard about it through quilters, and have asked several groups I've spoken with since then if they were fans - many are - The Patchwork Pearl  launched The Downton Abbey Quilt Challenge earlier this year with the idea of using the pieces as part of a fundraising auction to benefit NHPTV - which brings Masterpiece Theater to us.  The challenge prompt was for you to make a quilt which relates (somehow) to the story line.

The Challenge has been an interesting exercise to run, and  this past Tuesday I mailed the completed pieces to Durham NH to be featured in their online Winter Auction, which will run from Nov 9-23.  To see the auction items, please visit, click on ‘Browse by Category’, then click on ‘Downton Abbey’.

I know several pieces which are in process, but which did not get completed in time - but I would like to share with you the pieces which were donated.

This first quilt was made by my sister in law, Nancy Cote of Manchester, and her inspiration was the hats often seen on the sisters in the series. Nancy's a very enthusiastic quilter, and this was the first entry I received.


I knew right away what I was going to do - my entry was based on a star tat was part of the detail from the grand salon of the Titanic. 

Either of these items is available to bid as part of the auction - I hope that my small contribution will be successful. 

I'm looking forward to Downton's return on January 6th here in the US - and I'll have a big announcement on that date!

So truth be told....are you a fan of Downton Abbey? 

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