Thursday, October 11, 2012

So many projects, so little (?) time

My name is Linda and I'm a retreat-aholic.  I began organizing them as part of my business because I love the concept! I got the email today from the woman who's organizing my home guild's retreat next week - and this is a rare treat because this is the one retreat a  year where I'm one of the masses, not the Julie McCoy of the retreat. I cherish this weekend - but now to get back to the issue of packing.

Clothes - not much of a problem - comfortable, clean and serviceable - oh, since I have a roomate, better drag out the retreat PJs. Yes, I own a set. Machine, cords, lights, chair, bed risers - all pretty standard faire. Wine - check. Now the big issue...

How many projects can I bring to work on? How many can I finish off my PhD (Projects half done) pile? Which deadlines are due first?  My dear friend Kate tells me that I have a touch of ADD on this subject - and she may be right.  In 5 minutes, I assembled 6 projects to take...

Orphan block challenge - due Jan
Downton Abbey Challenge for NHPTV - yes, that's a given!

My next handwork project -
How long can it take to finish the placemats? Ask
me when they were started!
And, of course - should I have any time left for relaxation...there's this pile...

With any luck, this'll be a computer bag!

Maybe I'll just enjoy the jacuzzi and the wine  -  check back soon to see what (if anything) gets done on this weekend!


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