Thursday, October 25, 2012

What happens at the retreat...

First of, I'd be remiss if i didn't mention my sincere thanks to Sue West for being my very first Guest Blogger. I always appreciate Sue's point of view.   You will see them pop up from time to time - some from the world of quilting, some from outside.


Anyone who has been on a quilting weekend knows the rest of the saying - it stays at the retreat. I had the chance to attend my guild's fall retreat this past weekend - and I didn't know until I got there how badly I needed a getaway weekend.  Our guild has recently adopted a new retreat home up in Waterville Valley NH - our previous location closed due to financial issues, and we were fortunate to find this haven. I think that they know they're never getting rid of us.  They met us at the door - and the rest is history.

The best gadget found at the retreat!

I'd forgotten how nice it was to just sit and work on a project - or two! Me, being me, grossly overpacked for this 3 night event.  The good news is that there are projects never touched - and ready to go on the next adventure.  I agonized (here) over how many projects to pack - and which ones. Being me, I went with a list of projects - and due dates - ready to be tackled. I know that's counter intuitive with the concept of a retreat, but it's how things for 2012 have been working out.  I actually took 2 out because I knew I wasn't staying a month - but took 7.

And amazingly, 3 and a half got worked on! Not finished (that was exactly one) but the others were moved along the line enough for me to feel satisfied. Monday's One Quilting Circle blogpost will have the details of the one project I HAD to finish - and pretty much did.

I also packed a lot lighter than I usually do for weekends, and I think I'll continue that practice. I can survive without my own chair, iron, board and extension table. Gee, maybe I could have bought a smaller car.

There was wine, chocolate, demos, fabric swapping, laughter, experimenting (some worked, some did not)...I played with 3 new tools and 2 new shapes that I'd never done before.  And the best thing was the friendship and comraderie that I get to experience with my own dear Squanicookies.

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